How To Manage Time Spent on Puree – Pureed Food Recipes for Adults

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Here at Essential Puree, we try to teach great pureed food recipes for adults for every household or healthcare facility. The Essential Puree Guidebook For the food enthusiasts of the world, we have the Guidebook, from A to Z. The idea is making the food from scratch. These are great recipes simplified, with an emphasis on flavor and suitability for puree. They are better than anything you can buy commercially, you know what’s in them, you can batch cook them so you get multiple frozen servings from one session in … Read More

The Soul Food Kitchen for Those With Swallowing Disorders

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pureed soul food

Three Tips for Perfect Puree Soul food is enjoying a renaissance across the country for a wide audience at this time. Essential Puree has included a master book of soul food recipes in honor of Black History month. We are adapting soul food recipes to the dysphagia kitchen. With good preparation in the kitchen, and a good selection of cooking methods and cooking tools, the loved one does not have to give up favorite comfort foods. Here are some tips on making perfect puree for the person with swallowing difficulties … Read More

Super Bowl Menu for the Puree Kitchen

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The Latest e-Book from Essential Puree The Super Bowl is right around the corner. Wouldn’t you like to know how to make great-tasting food for a football buffet that can be pureed for the person with a swallowing disorder? This is your indispensable book Game Day. It is easy, fast and fun. It uses the quickie, healthy cooking method of the new electric pressure cookers. This kitchen appliance is one of the best for the dysphagia kitchen. It can be bought inexpensively at discount stores, department stores and online. It shortens … Read More

The Best Chinese New Year’s Soup

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Chinese New Year Pureed Soup

This is the year of the Fire Rooster, or as my former professor says, the Firebird. Millions of families of Chinese descent are making the trek home for the Lunar New Year. Millions of Chinese-Americans and those who simply love great Chinese food, are looking forward to the iconic meals of the New Year, foods meant to usher in health, prosperity and good family outcomes, such as marriages and babies. From Portland chef Jerome Chen, click here for a recipe with everything you need to know to make Chinese dumplings … Read More

5 Holiday Celebrations Tips for the Person Who Needs Puree

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holiday party puree dysphagia

How to Attend A Holiday Event The best part of a holiday meal is the atmosphere. The gathering of family and friends, the decorations, the music and the games, all of these are as important as the meal itself. Eating with family and friends can be magic. Then again, if your family suffers from a little or a lot of dysfunction, you have developed your coping strategies. I shall say no more. As long as no one goes to the hospital or to jail. How can the person with dysphagia … Read More

The Single Most Important Reason Why People Don’t Cook

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Most of us have stressed out, time-challenged lives. The most common difficulty can be summed up in one sentence – “I don’t have time to cook.” I think of it this way. You don’t have time not to cook. Cooking will lessen your stress and have you prepared. You will eliminate the, “we don’t have anything to eat,” moment when you go into a panic because you cannot put food on the table for the dysphagia patient. The strategy for solving this dilemma is a change in priorities. It’s a … Read More

Latkes for Jewish New Year

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Get Out Your Spiralizer and Twist Your Wrist Latkes are potato pancakes. They are traditional at Hanukkah, but may be eaten at any holiday. They are usually made with russet potatoes, but you can make a substitution in this recipe. I make sweet potato latkes and include two tablespoons of lightly sautéed scallions. I like the balance of the savory and sweet. This is a tweaked version of the traditional recipe, flash roasted in the oven instead of shallow fried in chicken fat or schmaltz. If you use lower sodium … Read More

A Hanukah Menu from the Jewish Kitchen

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As Hanukah begins on December 24th in 2016, I’ve included a recipe for turkey, plus three fantastic recipes for side dishes from the Jewish kitchen. These are perfect for puree. These are dishes that can accompany a classically roasted turkey. If you have a family, roast the turkey with your family, as usual. Or, you can get a roast breast or roast leg of turkey from the deli counter of your supermarket by special order. In my eBook, The Purees of Fall: Delicious Under Pressure, I include a recipe for … Read More

Post-Bariatric Surgery Recipes Made Easy with the Essential Puree Guidebook

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Sometimes bariatric surgery, or gastric bypass, saves a person from the health complications caused by morbid obesity. Success depends on the post-op period when a person must learn new eating habits. The post-op period is a time for a clean diet and a new start. Post-Surgery Diet Recipes Though widely successful, those who are in the post-surgery recovery period for gastric bypass or bariatric surgery can struggle to maintain proper eating habits due to the more restrictive diet, including the need for liquid or pureed foods. Many find this to … Read More

Herbed Brisket with Chickpea Risotto

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A New Year Menu from the Essential Puree Jewish Kitchen My favorite cook for clean eating recipes from the Jewish kitchen is Tori Avey. Tori has created a delicious risotto for the Rosh Hashanah meal. I adapt it for the dysphagia kitchen in the following manner. Tori makes her risotto on the stovetop and her brisket in the oven. Both of these are long cooking methods. For the dysphagia kitchen, I suggest shortening the cooking time with an electric pressure cooker. The flavor and the texture are perfect for puree.  … Read More