How to Calculate Nutritionals for your Own Pureed Recipes

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Know Thy Ingredients is a motto of Essential Puree. There is a terrific tool on the U. S. Department of Agriculture website that allows the cook to calculate the nutritionals for home recipes. As nutrition and hydration are key components for the dysphagia patient, this is an excellent resource. Go to the Supertracker website and enter your recipe, ingredients and amounts. You enter the ingredients one by one, and the Supertracker calculates the nutritionals for you. (To get to the site, use the button below and once on the page, … Read More

Whose Purée Is it?

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There are approximately forty medical reasons for the condition of dysphagia (or swallowing difficulties) that call for the patient to begin eating a regimen of pureed food. I have detailed the conditions in Essential Puree. The CDC says that one million people a year are diagnosed with the condition. By the year 2030, with the aging of the Baby Boom generation, there will be 12 million people in this country with swallowing difficulties. That is a lot of people. There are many medical specialists who treat these patients. Some diagnoses … Read More

Eating With Your Eyes

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Welcome to the Essential Puree System. This is my first blog. I like to think that running a puree kitchen is a fun adventure. Cooking is creative. Yet it must be admitted that one encounters a problem with the dysphagia patient, (one with swallowing difficulties). The pureed entree, as a friend of mine said, looks like a bowl of oatmeal. The look of the diet could be boring over time. How to get around this problem was my first big challenge in preparing meals for my mom. She was a … Read More