How To Manage Time Spent on Puree – Pureed Food Recipes for Adults

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Here at Essential Puree, we try to teach great pureed food recipes for adults for every household or healthcare facility.

The Essential Puree Guidebook

pureed food recipes for adultsFor the food enthusiasts of the world, we have the Guidebook, from A to Z. The idea is making the food from scratch.

These are great recipes simplified, with an emphasis on flavor and suitability for puree.

They are better than anything you can buy commercially, you know what’s in them, you can batch cook them so you get multiple frozen servings from one session in the kitchen.

They are cheaper than anything you can buy as take-out.

As one of the women founders of my group of professional food writers said, “There is a special kind of therapy in (temporarily) shirking your responsibilities in favor of making something delicious from scratch.”
These dishes are created from the author’s family recipes, handed down for generations, and may be created in an hour. We also offer many blog posts.

In the Guidebook, the reader gets full instructions on how to set up and run a puree kitchen, what appliances are the most helpful, and a product review.

The reader also gets a guide to the pantry, as well as instructions for labeling and storing, and food safety.
The Guidebook has the print version at the back of the book, as well as information on the National Dysphagia Diet (NDD).

The Quickies for Caregivers Series

Appliances for the Puree KitchenThis is the series that is only partly from scratch, using quality go-to ingredients. The same principles of nutritional healing and clean eating apply here, but the dishes may be ready in 30 minutes.

This is for the time-challenged caregiver who does not have time to cook from scratch or who has no desire to cook from scratch, or for whom cooking is not part of their duties.

Readers may have free downloads on Instant Thickeners, the Master Sauce Guide, Healthy Snacks and Kitchen Tools.

Coming Soon: The Speedy Series

This is a groundbreaking series. The first eBook is entitled Betsey’s Mom Was Diagnosed and Betsey Has a Full-time Job.

These dishes can be ready in fifteen minutes.

As an author, I have done lectures and demonstrations in hospitals and I have had direct contact with patients and caregivers.

I found that with some caregivers, they cannot cook, for whatever reason. Some, as with the spouse of a loved one suffering from a neurological disorder, the person has too much on his or her hands to run a kitchen. Some are in the sandwich generation, dealing with children and with aging parents.

I invented this speedy series for them. I found commercial offerings less than satisfying and hardly flavorful.
The eBook teaches the caregiver how to discover the ten favorite dishes of the loved one, to find the best brands of frozen items, and to stock the pantry with the items.

The kitchen routine becomes preparing the dish as directed on the package directions and following instructions for puree and thickening.

So at Essential Puree, we have taken note of the variety of needs for families coping with swallowing disorders, and we have provided educational material for all those needs.

We have also provided recipes from the cuisines of the major demographics that we have here in Florida. We are always receptive to answering your questions about puree.

So explore our library, try our free downloads and of course,

Swirl Away!