Post-Bariatric Surgery Recipes Made Easy with the Essential Puree Guidebook

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Sometimes bariatric surgery, or gastric bypass, saves a person from the health complications caused by morbid obesity. Success depends on the post-op period when a person must learn new eating habits. The post-op period is a time for a clean diet and a new start. Post-Surgery Diet Recipes Though widely successful, those who are in the post-surgery recovery period for gastric bypass or bariatric surgery can struggle to maintain proper eating habits due to the more restrictive diet, including the need for liquid or pureed foods. Many find this to … Read More

Herbed Brisket with Chickpea Risotto

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A New Year Menu from the Essential Puree Jewish Kitchen My favorite cook for clean eating recipes from the Jewish kitchen is Tori Avey. Tori has created a delicious risotto for the Rosh Hashanah meal. I adapt it for the dysphagia kitchen in the following manner. Tori makes her risotto on the stovetop and her brisket in the oven. Both of these are long cooking methods. For the dysphagia kitchen, I suggest shortening the cooking time with an electric pressure cooker. The flavor and the texture are perfect for puree.  … Read More

The Portable Snack: Three Ways to Eat On the Go

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The Tailgate, the Portable Shake and the Instant Milkshake Fall is almost here. The weather is about to be spectacular. Within a month, it will start to get cooler and soon the leaves will begin to turn. Even if you live in a warm climate, such as in California, Arizona or Florida, the air becomes cooler and the humidity drops. People want to be outdoors, and that includes the dysphagia patient. The biggest social event of Fall is attendance at a sporting event, like soccer, football, or lacrosse. The family … Read More

Five Ways to Help a Caregiver 

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Dysphagia Care at Home and In a Healthcare Facility Let me speak of the unsung heroes of our world, those who take care of the elderly and others of all ages with challenging health conditions of all types. We here at Essential Puree like to think of ourselves as having a caregiver perspective. I speak from personal experience. I am an author and a journalist. I am an Asia specialist, and I have traveled all over the world in search of great stories. Through a chain of circumstance, I left the life … Read More

The No-No List

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Essential Puree Recipes for the Dysphagia Kitchen with No Additives and Preservatives Essential Puree has a philosophy – Clean Eating. Our recipes, featured in both the From Scratch and Quickies for Caregivers series, recommend clean ingredients. We have a saying here at EP, “The least-processed food is the best.” Know where your food comes from, coax out the flavors, and treat food with respect. “Food is precious.” That last bit is a quote from the great chef Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse in Berkeley. Essential Puree believes that the nutritional … Read More

How to Buy an Avocado

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How to buy an avocado

It is very important when buying fruits and vegetables to know thy ingredients. You pick an avocado in the following manner. It should not be hard as a rock, but soft for about a quarter-inch, firm but resistant. The same is true for a mango. If you buy a mango, the red variety, and it has big green spots on it, let it ripen in the fresh air for a couple of days. The sugars develop, it turns red, and you peel it. A papaya should also be firm to … Read More

The Secret of Meals: The Importance of Atmosphere

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meal atmosphere

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I had a conversation with Michael Broffman, a well-known practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Michael is a fluent speaker of Chinese and has been a practitioner of this form of medicine for decades. Some of the best medical schools in the country have been working on integrative medicine, combining the best of Western medicine with Chinese medicine, which has a clinical history of several thousand years. This is a real East-West collaboration, to the benefit of the patient. Western medical schools have … Read More