Latkes for Jewish New Year

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Get Out Your Spiralizer and Twist Your Wrist Latkes are potato pancakes. They are traditional at Hanukkah, but may be eaten at any holiday. They are usually made with russet potatoes, but you can make a substitution in this recipe. I make sweet potato latkes and include two tablespoons of lightly sautéed scallions. I like the balance of the savory and sweet. This is a tweaked version of the traditional recipe, flash roasted in the oven instead of shallow fried in chicken fat or schmaltz. If you use lower sodium … Read More

A Hanukah Menu from the Jewish Kitchen

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As Hanukah begins on December 24th in 2016, I’ve included a recipe for turkey, plus three fantastic recipes for side dishes from the Jewish kitchen. These are perfect for puree. These are dishes that can accompany a classically roasted turkey. If you have a family, roast the turkey with your family, as usual. Or, you can get a roast breast or roast leg of turkey from the deli counter of your supermarket by special order. In my eBook, The Purees of Fall: Delicious Under Pressure, I include a recipe for … Read More

Post-Bariatric Surgery Recipes Made Easy with the Essential Puree Guidebook

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Sometimes bariatric surgery, or gastric bypass, saves a person from the health complications caused by morbid obesity. Success depends on the post-op period when a person must learn new eating habits. The post-op period is a time for a clean diet and a new start. Post-Surgery Diet Recipes Though widely successful, those who are in the post-surgery recovery period for gastric bypass or bariatric surgery can struggle to maintain proper eating habits due to the more restrictive diet, including the need for liquid or pureed foods. Many find this to … Read More

Introducing the Foolish: Greek Yogurt with Warm Black and Blue Sauce

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A Quickies for Caregivers Sweet Snack: Ready in Twenty Minutes The Fool is the easiest and most basic dessert in the world. It can also serve as a snack at four o’clock in the afternoon, when there’s a dip in energy and a person might want a light snack. This combination of blueberries and blackberries is a treat for the eyes as well as for the tastebuds. I call this version a Foolish because a Fool, the almost abandoned traditional English dessert, is properly made of a layer of fruit … Read More

Five Ways to Help a Caregiver 

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Dysphagia Care at Home and In a Healthcare Facility Let me speak of the unsung heroes of our world, those who take care of the elderly and others of all ages with challenging health conditions of all types. We here at Essential Puree like to think of ourselves as having a caregiver perspective. I speak from personal experience. I am an author and a journalist. I am an Asia specialist, and I have traveled all over the world in search of great stories. Through a chain of circumstance, I left the life … Read More

Ripe Plantain Arepas: The Latin Kitchen Series

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Arepas de Plátano Maduro The arepa is one of the most popular foods in Colombia and Venezuela. It is probably equivalent to the English muffin or the scone but with a Latin flavor profile. This is a breakfast food, with a flavor like a banana biscuit with savory to balance the sweetness.  It can also be served as a side dish for meat or poultry. The arepa is made from ripe plantains. It is also made with masarepa, or corn flour. (available at specialty markets or from Amazon). The arepa … Read More

The National Dysphagia Diet: Guidelines for Purée

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The National Dysphagia Diet is the standard for dietary treatment of swallowing difficulties. Patients have their level of puree determined by healthcare providers. When using the Essential Purée Guidebook, please consult your healthcare provider (this includes the physician, speech pathologist and dietitian). The language and Lingo of Modified Foods and Beverages In 2002, the American Dietetic Association (now called the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) set the standards for the “National Dysphagia Diet: Standardization for Optimal Care”. As of the summer of 2015, the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative is working … Read More

The Secret of Meals: The Importance of Atmosphere

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meal atmosphere

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I had a conversation with Michael Broffman, a well-known practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Michael is a fluent speaker of Chinese and has been a practitioner of this form of medicine for decades. Some of the best medical schools in the country have been working on integrative medicine, combining the best of Western medicine with Chinese medicine, which has a clinical history of several thousand years. This is a real East-West collaboration, to the benefit of the patient. Western medical schools have … Read More

B.D.’s Secret Pink Remoulade Recipe

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pick remoulade puree recipe

Further Adventures in Sauces: As the reader of Essential Puree knows, the sauce is the big secret to making outstanding puree. The sauce, as I never tire of saying, is the medium of flavor. This daring pink remoulade is perfect for summer dishes of all kinds. Use pink remoulade on julienned celery root for the classic French salad. It is excellent as a substitute for coleslaw when used on a combo of julienned jicama, Asian pear and apple (granny smith or gala), with a little carrot thrown in for color. Deelish … Read More

Whose Purée Is it?

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There are approximately forty medical reasons for the condition of dysphagia (or swallowing difficulties) that call for the patient to begin eating a regimen of pureed food. I have detailed the conditions in Essential Puree. The CDC says that one million people a year are diagnosed with the condition. By the year 2030, with the aging of the Baby Boom generation, there will be 12 million people in this country with swallowing difficulties. That is a lot of people. There are many medical specialists who treat these patients. Some diagnoses … Read More