Announcing a New Series of eBooks: Quickies for Caregivers

barbecue-699153_1280Essential Puree announces a new series of eBooks called Quickies for Caregivers. It is written for the busy caregiver. All the recipes are prepared from high quality go-to ingredients. All of them take under thirty minutes to prepare.

It is dedicated to the heroic caregiver, for those who do not cook, cannot cook or don’t have time to cook.

The first in the new series is called The Purees of Summer.  For summer, the featured cooking technique is grilling. The menu is based on 3 recipes: 3 soups, 3 entrees, 3 savory snacks and 3 sweet snacks, plus 3 desserts.

This includes the unleashed dog (meaning hot dogs without casings) and burgers of all types, with instructions for how to puree a bun. (I include traditional hot dogs and burgers plus a variety of choices for dietary preferences.)

The sides include faux French fries. I teach you the trick of how to get the texture right.

For a taste of the new series, visit the Essential Puree website and get the Free Download. The Shake Rattle and Roll eBook features iconic shakes from three American cities.

One of the speech language pathologists whom we interview suggested that there is a real need for nutritionally dense snacks. So I created the snack shakes, with added protein and probiotics, if you choose. We know that readers love the shakes because we did a tasting in June at the New York charity, God’s Love We Deliver.

I prepared and served the Miami shake. It is made from slow-baked plantains. The flavor of the sugars develops without the excess oil of frying. The shake has a beautiful texture. The attendees devoured it. Give it a swirl!

I hope you enjoy the new series. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us your experiences. We’d love to hear from you.

The next volume in the Quickies for Caregivers series will come out at the beginning of each season. Look for The Purees of Fall on Labor Day. This volume will contain Game Day recipes for pureed snacks for football season. It will also contain recipes for the Thanksgiving holiday. All pureed.

In the meantime, keep swirling!


Featured photo credit:  StockSnap via Pixabay, cc