Dessert For Those With a Serious Chocolate Obsession

chocolateFor those with a serious chocolate obsession, this brownie is ecstasy. The creator of the recipe, a San Francisco chocolatier. Michael Recciuti, calls it Quadruple Chocolate Brownie. As the name states, the Quadruple Chocolate Brownie contains four types of chocolate, the favorites of the chocolatier. Two and a half pounds. I shall say no more.

Meaning no disrespect, as I have never met the man, I think of him as a slightly mad version of Willie Wonka, concocting this ultra-indulgent desserts in a white chef’s coat whirling through a stainless steel and white kitchen.

Football season is coming up. So are the holidays. The dysphagia patient may have a big chocolate treat. This is a moist brownie, so it purees well, a luxury suitable for holiday occasions.

This recipe makes 4 dozen 2-inch brownies, baked in two 9 x 13 baking pans. The recipe is good for a party or a crowd.

Here is the website that will direct you to the recipe.

Tip: If you make the whole recipe and don’t plan to use it all at once, freeze one pan of the brownies. Cut the recipe in half if you and your family need a smaller amount of dessert.

Tip: Never overmix a brownie recipe. The cake does not have to rise, so you do not need to develop the gluten. You want a moist cake that will puree.

For the Puree

You make the recipe and then you puree it with a little milk, until it gets to the right amount of creaminess. This does not contain nuts, so there is no issue with particles that might obstruct a swallow.

You cut a square of the brownie and break it into the bowl of the food processor or blender, add a few tablespoons of milk and pulse until blended. I used to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to my mom’s puree, half a scoop at a time.


Note on ingredients: I share this recipe with you, but it carries a warning label. It contains a lot of butter. For those of you with a saturated fat issue, don’t make this recipe as is. (What you need is a vegan brownie recipe that uses polyunsaturated fat, meaning oil, such as canola or grapeseed or even walnut or avocado oil, something with a neutral flavor. This type of baking calls for a special recipe because you are adding more liquid to your batter. I am working on it. When I find a good one, I will post it. Or you can hunt for one on your own. Stay tuned.)

Note on ingredients 2: This recipe is definitely not gluten free, but I am working on a recipe that uses chestnut flour instead of whole wheat pastry flour or any other whole wheat flour. Chestnut flour is a very fine ingredient from the Italian kitchen used in the making of holiday sweets in Italy. Stay tuned.

This is really delicious, so swirl away!

Hint: As an experiment, I divided the recipe into four parts and added one type of chocolate per recipe, so as not to mix the flavors up in the puree. I baked them in a small silicon cupcake pan rather than a brownie pan, watching the cook time so that the brownie did not harden at the edges. Going this route, you can give some of the brownies away as a gift. You will have grateful friends.

When baking for the puree kitchen, you want soft edges. Better to underbake a little and have a soft product than to overbake and have a tough product.

The white chocolate brownie tasted different than the dark chocolate brownie. I also tried it all mixed up, but baked in little cupcake bites. Ecstasy.

Photo Credit: jypsygen via Compfight cc