Introducing the Purees of Winter – Comfort Food for a Cold Season

The Purees of Winter is a collection of recipes of comfort foods for winter, for the person with dysphagia, or a swallowing disorder.

It is also a guide to new techniques for cooking the comfort foods of winter. As such, it is an original for the dysphagia kitchen.

This is the time of the year when the weather is cold if you live up north. Even if you live in warmer climates, the days are shorter. One spends more time indoors.

puree recipes for the winter monthsWe here at Essential Puree believe in eating seasonally, using the fresh produce available in the markets. We celebrate the seasonal ingredients of root vegetables and whole grains and legumes, peas for pea soup, lentils for lentil soup, and kasha for the classic cooked buckwheat. Substituting frozen vegetables means that good ingredients are always on hand, and allows for variety.

The slow cooker is the featured cooking method of winter. The Purees of Winter introduces the electric wok for making hot pot or shabu-shabu. This is a traditional technique—the idea is that the loved one can make the dish to suit the individual taste.

A dish made in the slow cooker is nourishing to the soul. The smells of the dish fill the house and the person with the swallowing disorder engages senses that are critical to the enjoyment of the meal. Soups and stews may be made in batches of six servings in the slow cooker, so the extra servings may be frozen. A warming meal or snack is always on hand.

The volume also presents a few recipes using the rice cooker, sometimes called the multi-cooker. This volume includes a recipe for an iconic dessert, a rice pudding made in the rice cooker. This is an easy version of a dessert that may be created to suit individual taste.

This eBook contains recipes for quickie soups using the blender with a heat function.

These kitchen appliances are inexpensive and worth the investment for the dysphagia kitchen. They simplify the cooking task with a minimum of cleanup. Food is Medicine. Food is Love. That’s the Essential Puree system.

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