End of Summer BBQ Recipe

american spoon bbq puree recipe

For the last weeks of summer, I am referring you to an outstanding website for an outstanding recipe. The recipe is called Pulled Pork Pig Out  and it’s from American Spoon, a wonderful food and café in Petoskey, Michigan.

I have visited this food emporium when I wrote restaurant reviews from the heartland for the “At the Table” column of the New York Times.

american spoon owner justin rashidI have met and spoken with the owner Justin Rashid. I know the quality of ingredients that he sources to make his fantastic line of jams, jellies, sauces and other products.

Justin travels the area and calls his products artisanal fruits. Michigan has a rare soil–the flavors of the herbs and fruits grown there is beyond compare and American Spoon is a favorite and recommended purveyor.

This end of summer recipe is made with American Spoon’s Cherry BBQ Grilling Sauce. This sauce got a rave review from the gourmet magazine, Saveur.cherry bbq sauce from American Spoon for bbq puree

In case the reader does not know, cherries from Michigan have a reputation as the best cherries in the United States. The reputation is justly deserved.

The recipe does call for a bottle of lager beer. The alcohol burns off in the slow cooking, but the use of this ingredient should be cleared with the healthcare professional, as always. If lager beer is not recommended, substitute an equal amount of stock or water.

Because this dish has a sauce, it is perfect for puree. Just add a four to six ounce serving of the port into the bowl of the food process with a few tablespoons of the cooking liquid. Pulse a few times to get the puree going, then puree, adding enough liquid to get the desired thickness.

This can be served with a puree of any of the classic Essential Puree side dishes. You could puree some baked beans, or select from the veggie sides in our guidebook.

You can download the recipe from the website and you can order a jar of the grilling sauce as well. One of the inspirational founders of this line was the chef Larry Forgione, who had a fine dining restaurant in New York and cooked at the White House. His specialty was classic American food.