We are featured in Harbor Style Magazine!

We are honored to be featured in a 5-page spread in the January issue of Harbor Style Magazine.

In it, Diane talks about why she developed a line of cookbooks, and how to create a pie crust puree that is safe for the swallow, and tastes just like a pie crust. Here’s a short excerpt:

Who’s Says You Can’t Puree Pie Crust?

Diane Wolff, the Queen of Puree through circumstance, if not birthright, says you can. Wolff can puree anything. Want a nice piece of pie that goes down easy? She’ll bake it crust to topping. She’ll puree it and serve it layered in a lovely carafe. And it will taste good.

Wolff, a Port Charlotte woman with rapid-fire speech and hands that keep time, has written the book on pureeing food – everything from a steak to a banana cream pie. In fact, she’s written several. Thyey cover the spectrum of a subject that was bland until she put the prism to it.

free puree recipe - pie crust
“You’re going further than a bowl of mush,” she said.

She has gone much further, in fact. Through necessity, Wolff created a line of cookbooks for caregivers of those with a condition called dysphagia, or diffculty swallowing. The disorder affects eating, drinking, taking oral medications and brushing teeth.

…Diane has written the book on pureed food that actually tastes good.

You can read the the online version of the magazine article here.

Or download the 5-page pdf file


A big thank you to Harbor Style Magazine Editorial Director Liz Green, Publisher Jimmy Dean, writer Rusty Pray and photographer Steve Donaldson!