The No-No List

fruits-320136_1280Essential Puree Recipes for the Dysphagia Kitchen with No Additives and Preservatives

Essential Puree has a philosophy – Clean Eating.

Our recipes, featured in both the From Scratch and Quickies for Caregivers series, recommend clean ingredients.

We have a saying here at EP, “The least-processed food is the best.” Know where your food comes from, coax out the flavors, and treat food with respect. “Food is precious.” That last bit is a quote from the great chef Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse in Berkeley.

Essential Puree believes that the nutritional healing of food created with love should never be underestimated. In other words, we believe in the healing power of clean eats.

Our philosophy is the same as that of the noted charity, God’s Love We Deliver. The Director of Nutrition Services, Lisa Zullig, says, “Here at GLWD, we say, Food is Medicine, Food is Love.”

Thanks to Lisa for inviting me to launch the revised and expanded edition of the Essential Puree Guidebook at God’s Love. I did a dessert tasting for caregivers. I was assisted by my first ever sous chef, the brilliant April Crowley. The verdict was unanimous. The attendees loved Essential Puree desserts, including the Texas sheet cake, lime icebox pie and Miami Shake from the Cuban Kitchen.

Clean eating is officially a national passion in America. Consumers want to eat healthy diets. Nowhere is this more evident than in the recently published “No-No List” from the chain restaurant Panera. The list informs patrons of the ingredients that the restaurant is removing from the food they serve.

Essential Puree enthusiastically supports this policy. We are posting the link to the list because we want you to know that your body probably does not know what to do with most of these ingredients. They are for preservation, looks, stabilization and flavor enhancement. They are the very definition of additives, chemicals and preservatives, the no-no in processed foods.

Read thy labels when food shopping, dear readers. Pay attention to what you put in your body.

As my mom’s physical therapist used to say, “You wouldn’t put junk fuel in your car, so why put it into your body?”


Featured photo credit: Anelka via Pixabaycc