Post-Bariatric Surgery Recipes Made Easy with the Essential Puree Guidebook


Sometimes bariatric surgery, or gastric bypass, saves a person from the health complications caused by morbid obesity. Success depends on the post-op period when a person must learn new eating habits. The post-op period is a time for a clean diet and a new start.

Post-Surgery Diet Recipes

Though widely successful, those who are in the post-surgery recovery period for gastric bypass or bariatric surgery can struggle to maintain proper eating habits due to the more restrictive diet, including the need for liquid or pureed

Many find this to be a particular challenge, as it can often sound unappealing. Fortunately, Essential Puree: The A to Z Guidebook is the best book on the market for setting up and running a puree kitchen. Essential Puree can help you enjoy food while maintaining proper nutrition and dietary intake during your recovery.

A proper bariatric diet, along with the right bariatric eating techniques, can mean the difference between post-surgery success and failure.  These techniques are necessary to help patients avoid post-surgery complications, as well as improve both short and long-term weight loss.

Making smart food choices and incorporating a balanced diet will help patients shed pounds and maintain a healthy weight for life.  The key here is maintaining a liquid or pureed diet for several weeks (or longer) after your surgery, before slowly transitioning back to solid foods.  It can be very tricky.

That is where Essential Puree recipes can be a lifesaver!

Too often, what patients eat during this short timeframe can have a major impact on long term results. For some, consuming a pureed diet may be a big turn-off, so patients might skip this altogether and return to old eating habits.

Lucky for you, the Essential Puree system and our delicious recipes can turn all of this around, giving patients the option of eating the real food that they already love, in a healthy version.

Following bariatric surgery, hospitals might provide meals made up of water, broth, and sometimes juice, if you’re lucky.  You won’t have to stand this for terribly long, though, dear reader. Soon enough, your blender and your mini food processor will become your favorite appliances, an integral part of meal preparation.

Using the Guidebook, you learn the recipes for classic American comfort foods, made with low fat, low salt, low sugar, lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables, with nutritional information provided on the page.  Once you learn the basic healthy cooking techniques of the puree kitchen, you are ready to swirl away.

First, you make dishes from the Essential Puree A to Z Guidebook. We have taste tested the recipes; they are family recipes handed down for generations and updated. We know people who do not need to be on a pureed diet, who make the recipes for taking to the office or on trips to help maintain a weight reduction program. These are recipes that make you want to sit and enjoy a meal. Even after healing, these smoothies and pureed meals are a great way to get extra protein and other key nutrients, if needed.

Then, once you know the techniques and have learned how to select great ingredients, you can get creative and make your own family recipes. We even guide you to a website posted by the Food and Drug Administration where you can calculate your own nutritionals for your own recipes by entering the ingredients into the software.

The proof really is in the pudding!  We’ve seen the success of our pureed recipes in patients with dysphagia or swallowing disorders. They’re able to enjoy life normally and eat just about anything, just like everyone else. This changes their quality of life dramatically.

Now, this same passion for food can be enjoyed and passed on to those who are in a post-surgery recovery period and looking for a healthy, delicious way to adhere to prescribed dietary restrictions. Our incredible array of delicious recipes includes everything from soups and salads, to pasta and meats, and even ice cream sundaes and shortcakes – all portion-controlled.

Those “restrictions” will just be a thing of the past.  We can show you recipes from the Soul Food Kitchen, the Latin Kitchen, the Indian Kitchen, the Chinese Kitchen, the Italian Kitchen, American classic comfort foods, and so much more!

Essential Puree can teach you how to use the right tools and cooking methods, and before you know it, you’ll be able to puree just about anything for a fully satisfying meal.  You will look forward to every meal and won’t feel any sense of deprivation, because you’ll still be part of the party.

Here at Essential Puree, we don’t believe in deprivation.  You may be eating smaller portions, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t taste fantastic. Our meals and processes emphasize what is possible, rather than impossible. We believe that anyone and everyone can enjoy the pleasures of healthy gourmet meals, no matter their restrictions.  You can get gratification and pleasure from food, even while on a liquid or pureed diet.

Our recipes look good, they smell good, and they taste just like your favorite foods.  It’s all about using your imagination. Total banishment of food is never a reasonable goal, and that is why Essential Puree exists: to help you solve those challenges of a pureed diet with irresistible ingredients, easy-to-use appliances, and healthy cooking techniques.

From our team to your kitchen, we believe that food is love, and that food is the best medicine.  So, whether you’re just getting started on your post-bariatric surgery journey, or are a few months or even years into a lifestyle change, never underestimate the healing powers of wholesome food.

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You simply whip up the shake, and with the approval of your healthcare provider, add protein powder and a probiotic tablet, and voila!  You have what we call, the ZipShake, high in nutritional value. These taste better than anything you can buy commercially, off the shelves. You know what’s in it, and you can adjust it to your own palate. That way you are motivated to stay on track.

The Essential Puree approach makes the journey fun! We suggest that you put on a sound track, and have a dance in the kitchen.

Try one of the recipes posted on our Blog. Take advantage of the tips and tricks posted, here, including how to thicken drinks.

Swirl Away!


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