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This is a replica of the paperback version for use with e-readers such as iBooks and the Nook.
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Essential Puree, 67 flavorful, easy-to-prepare purée recipes for adults with dsyphagia or swallowing disorders and an in depth guide on how to set up and run a purée kitchen. The system is fast, easy, organized and smart.

Essential Purée: The A to Z Guidebook is indispensable for caregivers and families coping with patients with dysphagia, post-surgery diets or swallowing disorders.


Diane Wolff has written the book she wishes she had when her mother got the diagnosis. An author and journalist, Diane devoted five years of her life to taking care of her mother. This recipe and guide book is the product of her experience, her research and her trials and errors.

Essential Purée™ is not simply a book of purée recipes for adults. It provides a system for setting up and running a purée kitchen. Taking the guesswork out of the setup, the Essential Purée™ system is fast, easy, organized and smart.

Indispensable for caregivers and families coping with patients on a dysphagia diet or with swallowing difficulties, this guidebook features:

  • 67 Recipes for puréed versions of classic American comfort foods
  • Steps to setup of the pantry, refrigerator and freezer
  • A guide to the best kitchen tools and the best and healthiest cooking methods
  • The secrets to making great-tasting purée
  • How to select ingredients for nutritional healing
  • How to organize a cooking schedule so that you are not chained to the kitchen and a great meal is always on hand
  • How to store food safely and tells how to label food and keep track of what is on hand
  • Practical advice from a home cook who has been in the situation of the caregiver