How To Manage Time Spent on Puree – Pureed Recipes for Adults


Here at Essential Puree, we try to teach great pureed recipes for adults for every household or healthcare facility.

The Essential Puree Guidebook

pureed food recipes for adultsFor the food enthusiasts of the world, we have the Guidebook, from A to Z. The idea is making the food from scratch.

These recipes are simple, with an emphasis on flavor and suitability for puree for those with a swallowing disorder.

They are better than anything you can buy commercially, you know what’s in them, you can batch cook them. You get multiple frozen servings.

They are cheaper than anything you can buy as take-out.

As one of the women founders of my group of professional food writers said, “There is a special kind of therapy in (temporarily) shirking your responsibilities in favor of making something delicious from scratch.”

These dishes are created from the author’s family recipes, handed down for generations, and may be prepared in an hour.

In the Guidebook, the reader gets full instructions on how to set up and run a puree kitchen. The guidebook contains a guide to the best kitchen appliances for easy prep and cleanup.

The reader also gets a guide to the pantry, as well as instructions for labeling and storing, and food safety.

The print edition of the Guidebook contains a resource sections with information on the National Dysphagia Diet (NDD) and Instant Thickening.

The Quickies for Caregivers Seriessummer puree recipes for the dysphagia diet

The Quickie series is for recipes made from quality go-to ingredients in under thirty minutes, with light cooking. The same principles of nutritional healing and clean eating apply here.

This is for the time-challenged caregiver who does not have time to cook from scratch or who has no desire to cook from scratch. The duties of some professional caregivers only permit light cooking.

Essential Puree offers free downloads for The Science of Puree and Kitchen Tools for any mobile device.

The Master Sauce Guide teaches the secret of great puree and offers a guide for stocking the dysphagia pantry.

The Speedy Seriespureed recipes for adults

The first eBook is entitled Betsy’s Mom Was Diagnosed and Betsy Has a Full-time Job. This is a groundbreaking series.

These dishes can be ready in fifteen minutes.

As an author, I have done lectures and demonstrations in hospitals and I have had direct contact with patients and caregivers.

Some caregivers cannot cook. Some don’t have time. Some are in the sandwich generation, caught between children, a job and aging parents.

I invented this speedy series for them. I found commercial offerings less than satisfying and hardly flavorful.

This eBook teaches the caregiver how to discover the ten favorite dishes of the loved on, how to find the best brands of frozen dishes, and how to stock the freezer with the items so a quick meal is always on hand.

The kitchen routine is speedy. The caregiver prepares the dish as directed on the package and follows instructions for puree and thickening.

To our knowledge, Essential Puree has the only library of books especially created for the dysphagia kitchen. We responded to the needs of families and professional caregivers and provided guidebooks for every need.

We hope that caregivers and healthcare professionals consider our Blog a resource for tips, tricks, tools and techniques in the dysphagia kitchen.

We have also provided recipes for ethnic dishes from the major demographics here in Florida. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know if you have questions. Tell us how you like the library.

So explore our library, try our free downloads and of course,

Swirl Away!