Super Bowl Menu for the Puree Kitchen


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The Super Bowl is right around the corner. Wouldn’t you like to know how to make great-tasting food for a football buffet that can be pureed for the person with a swallowing disorder?

purees-of-fall-game-day-book-imageThis is your indispensable book Game Day. It is easy, fast and fun. It uses the quickie, healthy cooking method of the new electric pressure cookers. This kitchen appliance is one of the best for the dysphagia kitchen. It can be bought inexpensively at discount stores, department stores and online. It shortens the cook time and renders food moist and tender, perfect for the puree. Perfect for the comfort foods of Game Day.

Download the Essential Puree e-book, Game Day now. It contains recipes for Rib Eye Chili, Miso Glazed Ribs and Pizza. The volume even contains Vegetarian recipes. The recipes are delicious and easy to prepare.

It’s only $3.99, and is part of the Essential Puree Quickies for Caregivers series.

I have been speaking with the eminent speech language pathologist (SLP) David Fagen for years now and have taken his suggestions for dysphagia patients very seriously.

David wants patients to be part of life, not to be isolated. He wants them to be able to participate in social events. That means Super Bowl Sunday, when family and friends gather to watch the game and eat the iconic American foods.

Visit the Essential Puree Library to order and don’t forget the Free Downloads, the Master Sauce Guide and Instant Thickeners. You can also get the e-book Shake, Rattle and Roll for the best-tasting nutritional snacks.